A step-by-step lesson planning guide to increase student achievement and lower teacher overwhelm!

The proven path through teacher clarity and responsive education to increasing engagement, delivering equity in instruction, creating independent learners, and raising scores.

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Student independence, engagement, and assessment scores will increase.



Teacher overwhelm will decrease with a clear plan.


Negative behaviors will decrease as responsiveness and engagement increase.


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It (Clarity) helps all learners, but struggling learners especially, know exactly what they need from the lesson. It empowers them to take ownership of their learning and sets them up for success. Students who often give up or get overwhelmed now know exactly what to look and listen for. When students know where the conversation is going, they have a much higher chance of getting there on their own.



Literally every time you sit down with Jenn there are "ah-ha" moments. She has a unique way of taking all the variables and complexities of teaching and organizing them into manageable steps that allow teachers to hyper-focus on the things that impact their students most. One of the “Ah-Ha” moments for me came when Jenn helped me understand the value of Learning Objectives and how to properly use them in my classroom.


With the Responsive Classroom Academy, students will thrive, not simply just "pass".


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What is included...

7 Easy-to-Implement Modules

  • Learning Objectives
  • Formative Assessment
  • Aligned Questions and Tasks
  • Considering Students in Instruction
  • Accommodations
  • Differentiation
  • Literacy

Support for Instructional Coaches

  • Classroom Look-Fors
  • Coaching Scripts
  • Coaching Tips
  • Additional Support from Jenn on a Slack Channel
  • Weekly Emails


Additional Support Resources

The Power of an Alliance - Teachers will get strategies and an understanding of the importance of building an alliance with students and their families.

The Beauty of a Culturally and Language Rich Environment - Teachers will understand the importance of creating an environment that supports independence and learning, along with language support for student Emergent Bilingual students and students who struggle with vocabulary!

3 Days of Coaching from Jenn

WIth the purchase of the coaching package, Jenn will provide 2 days of in-person and 1 day of virtual coaching. She will also provide 3 check-in meetings with the instructional leaders to answer any questions.

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